Forensic HealingForensic healing answers questions of interest about a person’s condition using logic and intuition. Once the Forensic Healing process identifies the root cause of a person’s problem, it helps unravel the stresses, traumas and other influences that keep the condition running. Forensic healing is a healing system that helps alleviate conditions that are holding you back or stopping you reaching your full potential. Negative life patterns or beliefs, emotional or mental stresses, anxiety or depression, false belief systems all these blocks obstruct flows of vital energy throughout the body leading to depleted mental & emotional reserves. Once these reserves are restored, renewed energy, vitality, health & well-being are experienced.

  • Through simple muscle testing, we ask the body questions, by-passing the logical conscious mind, connecting into your body wisdom “your own Inner Compass”. We uncover the emotions, archetypes, belief systems and negative life patterns that run particular issues, and then discover the age and events that created them.  Once the full story is understood, we release the energetic blockages, utilising one of more than 90 healing pathways/modalities available within the Forensic Healing System.
  • Similar to forensic testing of a crime scene, the Forensic Healing System provides a framework to find the underlying causes to any pain or emotional suffering that you may be experiencing.
  • We uncover the emotions, archetypes, belief systems and negative life patterns that run particular issues, and then discover the age and events that created them. Forensic Healers read a person’s energy field to find the real cause behind a person’s condition and use proven healing techniques to release the condition energetically. Forensic Healing is regarded as the deepest and most effective healing experience to release pain, trauma and stress fast. Forensic Healers help answer long standing questions regarding life struggles for children, youth and adults suffering from chronic physical, emotional, spiritual conditions, behavioural and relationship problems.

A Forensic Healer, combine kinesiology and energy healing to read the energy field so as to find the real cause behind the condition. Then use the proven techniques of Forensic Healing to release the condition energetically and solve any life’s problems. This effectively balances the energy field that is within and around our bodies. Helping the body to realign and balance itself naturally. Emotional, spiritual and physical wholeness and well-being is then restored on every level. This healing is very thorough and involves profiling patterns, collecting evidence about the condition, analysing the evidence and reconstructing the whole story to determine the cause, beliefs, thoughts and behaviour that has damaged the intelligence of the DNA – the blueprint that exists in every living cell.

Forensic: Is the application of methods to answer questions of interest through logic and reasoning by allowing the investigation and establishment of facts and evidence.

Healing: Is to make sound or whole, to restore health to a sound state of original purity and integrity.

Forensic Healing Can Treat:

Forensic Healing can be an effective tool for addressing any of the challenges that we face in life, whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual, and whether they are a subtle annoyance in your life or a chronic condition. Examples of conditions treated are listed, but not limited to:

       Chronic pain and stress

Depression and Anxiety

Negative Belief Systems and Energies

Allergies and Sensitive

Migraines and many more

The spiritual world works exactly the same way as the physical world. If you feel dis-empowered by others and worry about what they think then you may get stressed and not sleep. An energetic reaction also occurs. The negativity directed towards you attaches to your energy field and you feed it with your negative emotions. This can progress to forming negative entities and attachments. 

Trained by Founder Marisa Russo Founder:

Diploma of Forensic Healing Practitioner 2011 Forensic Healing System