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Ashati  focuses on emotional healing and mental healing, removing and rebalancing repressed emotions, changing limiting perspectives and beliefs, expanding awareness, exploring the mind, letting go of fears, moving forward and much more, to ultimately help you manifest the life you truly desire.
The Ashati 1 course is the first stage in your emotional and mental clearing and healing journey.
Ashati 1 is designed to equip initiates with the required information, energies and techniques to facilitate a metamorpho sis of their mind, their being and their lives. Like all courses within the Ashati system, this amazing journey of self-discovery and ultimately spiritual ascension starts with a powerful energy activation.


The Ashati 1 energies facilitate healing on many levels especially on the mind, something unique to this system and the strength of this first level.

These mental healing energies (thought patterns, beliefs, etc.) manifest our lives, create and control our emotions and greatly impact our perceptions and even our physical health and well-being. The Ashati 1 energy activation, its energies and 21 day integration period, will facilitate healing and changes on many levels. They are especially great to work on repressed emotions, fears, anxieties, limiting beliefs and other aspects of the lower emotional body and the lower mental body, as well as to expand your higher senses (psychic senses) and fast-track your spiritual journey towards spiritual awakening and ascension.

This course will equip you with a few different techniques to facilitate healing on yourself and others. It also includes a short development section designed to help you expand your mindfulness. Whether this is for your own personal healing and ascension journey, or for professional development as a psychic, healer or teacher, initiates all over the world have been amazed by the profound change they have observed in their own being and in their lives.

Purpose of Ashati
Structure of Ashati
The Brain
Levels of Consciousness Body, Soul & Spirit
Energy Bodies
Meridians & Energy Cords
Ashati 1 Energy Activation
Channelling Energy
Ashati 1 Energy
Healing Techniques & Protection
Mental Healing
Emotional Healing
Ashati 1 Symbol
Combining Modalities
Universal Dimensions
Soul Guides
Symbolism & Interpretation
Awareness Development Activities


Ashati  focuses on healing the group of energy bodies that form what we call the soul, as well as activating their connection to the physical body through the chakra system. This enables initiates to reach a much higher level of consciousness (the “higher consciousness”), higher senses, inner guidance and spiritual awakening, as well as to align their physical and soul levels to better understand themselves, their path and their purpose.

This course is centred on healing your soul and developing your body’s connection to it, thereby helping you reach a new level of awareness and perception named the higher consciousness.

Ashati 2 is therefore a continuation of the healing work started with Ashati 1, as well as a first step into spiritual ascension. Like all courses within the Ashati system, this amazing journey starts with a powerful energy activation.


Bringing the light of your higher consciousness into your solar plexus and mental body (centre of the lower consciousness) will help you heal and bring more clarity and control over the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind, and over your life in general. The higher energies that this energy activation gives you access to will facilitate healing and transformation within your higher consciousness(soul level). It will also facilitate more changes within your lower consciousness, your thought patterns, beliefs, manifestation abilities, higher senses and much more.

This connection between your body and your soul will help you develop higher mental abilities and become more aware of your soul’s gifts, knowledge, emotions and thoughts. Furthermore, this will tremendously amplify and speed up your ability to identify and modify negative or limiting beliefs. As beliefs determine what we perceive and what we manifest, modifying them can help you change your whole life or major aspects of it. A lot of past-life and heart chakra healing will also take place.

This higher consciousness connection is essential to one’s life fulfilment, happiness, balance, control, and to personal, psychic and spiritual development. It is the first spiritual link that enables us to receive information in the form of what we call “intuition”. It therefore provides us with the knowledge and the sense of knowing what lies before us and what paths to take in life. It is also the key to achieving our life mission and to reaching our potential as quickly and easily as possible.

Structure of Ashati
Origins of Ashati
Levels of Consciousness
The Soul
Soul Chakras
Soul Energy Bodies
The Ashati 2 Energy
The Ashati Guides
Healing Techniques
Past-Life Healing
Ashati 2 Symbol
Working as a Practitioner
Universal Dimensions
Higher Consciousness Development
Non-Verbal Thinking
Awareness Development Activities


Ashati  focuses on initiating a completely new level of personal development and spiritual ascension, opening the three chakras above the crown chakra and starting to reconnect the body and its conscious awareness to your own spirit (reaching the “spirit consciousness”). This level will also give you access to much higher and very powerful energies for healing, clearing, guidance and manifestation purposes.

This course is centred on further healing and much deeper personal and spiritual development. It will give you access to 6th dimensional energies (most healing energies available today are from the 4th dimension, including Reiki, for example) and the ability to perform much stronger healings for yourself and others, clear unwanted energies, balance chakras, perform a new level of psychic guidance, and much more.


After the energy activation and the creation of the connection to your higher-self and to the soul light dimension, you will be able to connect to your spirit and this much higher dimension at will. This connection will create a deeper sense of relaxation and a new level of awareness. You will then be able to access and use at will a very powerful, unique and wide range of energy from the 6th dimension, and to manifest them in many different ways, from balancing chakras in seconds, performing a new level of psychic readings, clearing unnecessary energies and even healing the soul, mind and emotions, and much more.

The Ashati 3 energies are to be used in addition to the Ashati 1 and Ashati 2 energies and their methods of healing and development. This level and its energy activation will help you develop your mind and psychic abilities even further. This training is also often described as the “manifestation master” level.

The Spirit
Ascension of Humanity
Ashati Advanced Levels
The Ashati 3 Energy
Soul Light Technique
Ashati 3 Symbol
Cord Healing
Psychic Scan
Energy Clearing
Psychic Messages
Chakra Balance
Ashati Energy activation Healing
Universal Dimensions
Spirit Consciousness Development
Intention Thinking
Awareness Development