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Ashati Course Description

ASHATI 1 Ashati  focuses on emotional healing and mental healing, removing and rebalancing repressed emotions, changing limiting perspectives and beliefs, expanding awareness, exploring the mind, letting go of fears, moving forward and much more, to ultimately help you manifest the life you truly desire. The Ashati 1 course is the first stage in your emotional […]

Forensic Healing answers questions of in...

Forensic healing answers questions of interest about a person’s condition using logic and intuition. Once the Forensic Healing process identifies the root cause of a person’s problem, it helps unravel the stresses, traumas and other influences that keep the condition running. Forensic healing is a healing system that helps alleviate conditions that are holding you […]

Colour and Sound Therapy is a Holistic H...

Sound colour healing is becoming the latest trend in alternative healing therapies. When working with sound and colour, think of this combination as representing all elements in the universe since they are composed of electromagnetic energy, which vibrates at all the different frequencies known to man. Really, all things are made up of various degrees […]