Past life regressionEveryone wonders if they have been here before, but what if you knew for certain that you really have lived many lives in the past? Think how mind blowing it would be if you could remember all of those previous lives!
Imagine how you would feel knowing without doubt that death as we know it is just an illusion and that we really do live forever!
It is now possible for anyone to experience Past Life Regression- instantly! Find out about your past life -Wherever and whenever you choose!

Yet far more important than just the memory of remembering who you used to be is the drastic effect that ‘knowing’ will have on your present and future lives.

Almost all of the emotional problems and hang-ups you may be experiencing at the moment have actually travelled with you from a past life. Even your relationships, health, job and financial status is a result of what happened in the past.

With normal therapy, it is impossible to heal many of the emotional scars as most therapists only look at the traumas experienced in this life. With each incarnation these emotional scars are compounded unless they are identified for what they are and cleared. Incredibly for the first time in countless incarnations you are now in a position to put everything right!

This will result in:-

  • Improvements in every aspect of your personal life.
  • Improvements in your ability to attract more money into your life,
  • You will no longer be subconsciously attracted to poverty and lack.
  • Improvements in the way you see yourself, more self confidence, generally happier.
  • Improvements in general health and well being.
  • Improvements in deep rooted emotional hang-ups and phobias which could even disappear entirely.
  • The Realization of your full potential in everything you set out to achieve, as there will no longer be anything to hold you back.

The science of past-life therapy is a most engaging study of the human mind. Each individual soul progresses through the course of many lifetimes and retains within his energy structures, or psychic anatomy, as it is termed, the debris or retained information of an accumulation of past-life experiences. This energy-information must be dealt with through the course of subsequent lifetimes, when these energy structures re-engage themselves and make their appearance on the surface of one’s daily life. The cyclic interplay of these interdimensional forces of energy is the substance of the study of past lifetimes.

Past life therapy-Confronting the immortal you that is present from body to body, mind to mind and life to life. Wouldn’t it be exciting to meet your past? Is it possible that we have lived before? Does everyone have past and future lives? Most people experience past life therapy as a gradual unfolding of images. “Past life regression therapy includes the mental act of going back; to a time prior to this life in order to retrieve memories that may still negatively influence a person’s present life.

People usually reincarnate among those they’ve known before: “We know everything about our prospective parents before we choose them,” says Williston, a word renowned therapist. He also goes on to suggest that we not only choose the people we want around us but also the genetic strain that would determine our looks, intelligence, strengths and impairments. In other words, we literally make ourselves who we are! “But for some,” explains Swami Yogendra, a therapist who heads the Multiversity at the Osho Commune who had his first regression fourteen years ago, “

Past life regression is a way to support their ego structure: Swami Yogendra believes that past life in a sense is a repetition of an event. Having been through various past life regressions, he elucidates thoughtfully, it is difficult to say that the images I saw were the images that belonged to my past life or did they belong to an uprising buried in my sub-conscious and were the images that I wanted to see. In fact, it is quite similar to watching a movie! The only difference here is that the images come from my mind! Past life therapy can be induced through many methods, the most common being hypnosis. Though each therapist’s hypnotic suggestions have variations, the skeletal frame remains the same.

Past life therapy can help resolve karma, improve relationships, cure diseases and aid your personal growth. Above all, it can bring you a step closer to the timeless in you that can never die.

An essential part of this therapy entails eliciting memories from before birth, including time in the womb. The impact of the mother’s moods and experiences during pregnancy and the birth trauma influence a person throughout his or her life by creating both negative and positive survival patterns.

You may have heard of similar therapies, such as past life regression, hypnotic regression, reincarnation therapy, soul memory retrieval, and holotropic therapy. In most of these techniques the therapist induces no ordinary states of consciousness in order to accelerate the client’s self-discovery.

Now, with this course of study, the Psychology of Consciousness, you will be able to remove many misconceptions and negative deeds expressed which have left their remains within you as a wide variety of emotionalisms now experienced as guilt, anger, jealousy, hatred, fear, etc. These are the clues to one’s past-life negations, and as they are identified and followed to their originating source, one begins the freeing process, the true healing of one’s self!

What is Regression therapy:

Is a process used for tapping into your mind through hypnotherapy, guided meditation, or visualization? The intention is to unlock patterns from past experiences and memories from our childhood and past lives are creating problems for analysis. After the reasons behind struggles have surfaced the therapist will enable the clients with tools for reaching reasonable degrees of acceptance and forgiveness for past actions and ultimately assist them in moving forward in life in a healthier fashion.

Is it possible to remember all of our past lives? The Buddhists have a chant or prayer asking one be forgiven for all past life deeds that were harmful or destructive and to be released from the effects that these deeds have caused. Yet, they don’t focus on past life therapy as a means of healing. I think, though, that the intention to heal the past through asking for forgiveness is something that we can all incorporate in our daily lives, even though we may not remember any of our actions from past lives. Having this kind of intention is beneficial as we can also apply it to letting go – forgiving ourselves, and forgiving others more easily in our present lives. When we forgive and let go, we feel much more expansive and compassionate, and we have more available attention to be directly present in the moment. Our minds become more calm and stable, which allows for more contentment, and for deeper meditative states.

In this place, past karma, both positive and negative, arises in the mind-essence. By chance, one ripens and rebirth follows to fulfill that karma. It is a misconception to think that karma has to follow a linear path; karma can ripen many lifetimes after the particular life in which it was created.