Do You Have A Guardian AngelAngel

The word ‘Angel’ means Messenger. Angels are the Messengers of God. The messages they carry and transmit span a wide spectrum of human experience and include words, light, energy, vibration, colour, emotion/feeling and thought. The messages are multi-dimensional and holographic (each message is connected to and contains every message and loving expression of God.)

  • Everyone has a guardian angel. This is the angel who constantly stays with you, from birth until your transition back to heaven. This angel’s love for you is unconditional and bigger than anything on this earth. Your guardian angel makes certain you are safe and guided always.
  • Guardian angels are sometimes confused with “spirit guides.” A spirit guide is a loving being who has lived upon the earth in human form. This person then received special training in the afterlife about how to become a spirit guide.
  • Guardian Angels are thought to be spiritual beings that are “assigned” to assist people here on Earth in various ways. Whether there is one angel per person, one angel for several person or several angels for one person is open to question.

Clear and concise message:

If you want a clear and concise message from your angel, you must ask a direct question. Your angel will always answer your questions. You must ask your question out loud. Clear, concise questions will get you clear, concise answers. Answers will always be tangible and explicit, something you can put your hands on. The answers I’ve gotten I could pick up and examine. Asking a frivolous question will get you a silly answer. The universe will match your level of sincerity.

  • Angels and archangels come to your assistance the moment you call them. You don’t need to say a formal invitation or invocation ritual, and you don’t even need to verbalize your call aloud. Just the thought, “Angels!” is enough. If your request for angelic assistance is sincere, the angels appear in response to your call, often before you’ve finished calling them! You Know That Angels are near when you feel the angels’ presence. Perhaps you sense a warm brush across your face, shoulders, hands, or arms. You might feel their hug or the brush of a wing across your skin. The air pressure changes when angels enter a room. There is a palpable thickening, as if a delicious cloud just rolled in to shield you from the heat. Too, the room temperature may seem to shift, or you might catch a whiff of a beautiful lilting fragrance that you can’t quite identify. When the angels hug you, you feel a deep warmth flow through your chest and your heart expands with unearthly love.
  • Angles have never existed in human form, nor do humans become angels when they cross over. ‘The angels’ energetic frequencies are calibrated so that humans can sense, feel, hear, see and sometimes even smell them. In some of my workshops people report that their Angels have the pure scent of flowers: roses, lilacs, violets and so on. You can learn to sense your Angles with one of your five senses. With practice, one of your five senses will lead the others depending on which of your five senses is the most receptive.
  • Angels bridge our physical reality with their pure spiritual energy that embodies God’s perfect love for us. They bridge heaven to earth and create openings – like doorways – to the divine within you.
  • Angels in traditional Religions and Spiritualities
    Throughout history religions and spiritualities have embraced angelic beings amongst their midst. The genus “Angelus Occidentalis” is a general term used for a number of angelic species within Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Zoroastrianism.

There are many different kinds of Angels that embody many of aspects of God’s love for us. Each Angel serves a different function in your life. For instance, in my practice as an Angel Intuitive and spiritual counsellor, I often help people connect with their Messenger Angels and their Guardian Angels. Messenger Angels sometimes take on human form for short periods to give you a message or help you with something in your life. A Guardian Angel is a helping, guiding and personal protector Angel that is always looking over you -from before your birth and beyond the time you cross over.

Defining what an angel is has a lot of people divided in their opinions.

Some believe in quite a traditional religious approach whereby angels are defined by a form of angel hierarchy with archangels being at the top of the angelic hierarchy

Some people believe in a more esoteric form of angelic energy that takes son various forms when lowering its vibration to accommodate being visible in the earthly realms.

It is believed that Gods word is communicated through these celestial messengers who serve his will
There are lots of angel definitions that people have used to describe these celestial beings or even referring to earth angels
lets have a look at a few descriptions I have come across:

It is being said that An Angel is:

A force of light, many different types, all working for a higher power.
A celestial being that acts as an intermediary between heaven and earth.
A messenger of deities, which link God and man.
A kind and lovable person; one who manifests goodness, purity, and selflessness.
A divine or semi-divine being who is able to work with humanity for a number of purposes.
A personification of the concept of holiness the light of truth, wisdom, guidance, a coming birth or death, literally or figuratively an androgynous being of a light, fast vibration on a high spiritual hierarchy.
A spiritual helper for humankind winged messengers, luminous and closest to God, All that Is high spiritual being appointed by God, Ultimate Source, All that Is to guide, protect and help us, Gods Creation.
The Swedish Mystic Swedenburg once said:
“I am well aware that many will say that no-one can possibly speak with spirits and angels as so long as he is living in the body;
many say it is all fancy, others that I recount such things to win credence,
while others will make other kinds of objections.
But I am deterred by none of these:
For I have seen, I have heard, I have felt”.