Spiritual GrowthBenefit of spirituality and spiritual growth?

Spiritual information should serve to understand our life and our life’s tasks better and thereby to achieve our purpose of life more easily. The consummation of the human being on the physical plane. It is the stage where he enters the Path of Initiation – initiation into the conscious recognition of the spiritual worlds. Through sustained meditation, supported by its two help meets, study and service, the disciple is increasingly making direct contact with the soul’s vibration, and more and more the soul-consciousness is being incorporated to include the lower planes. The soul light is burning ever brighter, and its radiation is lighting up the disciple’s Path.

  • Each person has both their own Spirit Guides and Angelic Protection. Angels and Spirit Guides are two separate beings. A Spirit Guide was once a living human being, and has been through the evolution of several hundred lifetimes to reach a point where they have chosen to act as a “Guide” or “Teacher” for one or a group of souls. An Angel is not a human being, and never was. They have not lived out lifetimes on Earth, and act as Divine Protectors, messengers of God/Universe, and Superior beings.
  • Although our loved ones on the other side come to us often in visitation, it is highly unlikely that they become your Spirit Guide after their death. Remember, you are born with two Guides who are present with you always. Your loved ones have other reasons for their visitations, and while they too act as protectors and to share their love with you after death, they may not necessarily be the ones assigned to your Spiritual development in this lifetime. A meaningful dealing with spirituality is of course somewhere in between these two extreme positions. It does not make sense to deny or discredit spirituality. Neither does it make sense to suppress our material (incarnated) world and to devote oneself exclusively to a spiritual world.