Spirit GuidesDo we all have a spirit guides?

Spirit Guides – just like we spend time to create beautiful relationships in our lives.

Spirit Guides – are discarnate beings that have chosen to assist us on our path of spiritual enlightenment and unfoldment; their evolution to higher consciousness is bound with our own, thus we have responsibility for each other. The more aware we become of these loving spirits, the more aware we become of our own thoughts, words, and actions; we are reflections of their efforts and they of ours. Though we are separate and individual, we are bound to the truth of our spiritual oneness. How better to be evidence of our relationship with God, Spirit, and Man with love, courage, and upliftment? Guides are a highly evolved world intelligence who administers guidance, protection, assistance, psychic information, and hidden knowledge to an Earthling; this intelligence has lived many incarnations and is more evolved than the person he/she serves (though angels are an exception to this rule as, in general, they have not incarnated on earth). The Guide does not intercede unless called by the Earthling (though there are exceptions).

  • Spirit Guides communicate with you through mediumship, which is a compatible sharing of time, energy, talent, and intellect between an earthling and an etheric world intelligence: the objective is to bring knowledge to the earth world that cannot be obtained through normal educational sources.
  • A human body is used as a psychic instrument for etheric communication and matter manipulation to enrich mankind’s education regarding the growth of the soul-mind; the desire and willingness of the etheric world intelligence and the earthling to work together is shared, regardless of difficulties and time, until here is the proper synchronization, both physically and mentally, for the relaying of matter that can be beneficial in some manner. Forms of mediumship can be mental or physical.

The ways that your Spirit Guide may choose to communicate with your through mental mediumship are through clair senses, a collective word meaning any one of the types of psychic sensitivity that correspond to the normal five senses: these are clairaudience (to perceive sounds or words when no person is speaking or no article is causing the disturbance; these sounds and impressions register on the spirillae of the pineal gland and go through the same process that normal hearing go through in the Third Eye area of the head), clairsavorance (clear tasting; experience tastes in the moth without putting anything in the mouth), clairscient (to smell a fragrance or odor of a substance which is not in one’s surroundings and is symbolic information for oneself or another), clairsentience (to perceive information b a feeling within the whole body without any other stimuli related to this feeling or information, which comes from within the body, down the kundalini to the stomach area), and clairvoyance (to see into an ethereal dimension without using physical eyes; to reach into another vibration frequency and visually perceive “within the head” something significant).

  • Knowing the names of our guides is nice; it helps to establish them as “real people” in our minds. It is not, however, necessary; they will answer when you call. It is of great help to ask and thank verbally until solid rapport is established through your vibrations. When you call a guide in, frequently a guide will give the psychic a name that can be used to summon him/her; the guide may be either gender when manifesting.
  • The guide will be from the Inner Band, a system of easy access to energy, protection, guidance, and knowledge. Each guide has a specific part to play, but the cooperation between the guides is such that any one of them can and may assume another’s role. The group situation ranges from the strictly traditional everyone-does-his thing, to the one-guide-does-it-all situation. In general, there are 10-15 spirits around one individual, between the inner and outer bands, which are the spirits that spend only at time in which he or she can be of assistance.
  • The guides from the outer band are drawn to one’s vibration when their talent and knowledge will be of an aid to the earthling to enhance the earthling’s new interest and needs. A Specialty guide would fall into this category; they are those with past experience in a certain field, for whom the medium would have to ask for specifically.