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Spirit Guides

Do we all have a spirit guides? Spirit Guides – just like we spend time to create beautiful relationships in our lives. Spirit Guides – are discarnate beings that have chosen to assist us on our path of spiritual enlightenment and unfoldment; their evolution to higher consciousness is bound with our own, thus we have […]

Relationships and Spirituality

Relationships Our relationships with others provide many of the most satisfying – and frustrating – moments of the human experience. On the one hand we are instinctively driven to seek the companionship of our fellow beings, indeed such is the complexity of the modern world that out very survival depends on co-operating with numerous others. […]

Meditation & Spirit Guides

Meditation & Spirit Guides An effective way to increase your awareness of your spirit guides is to create a special place in your mind where you can meet them. Begin by sitting in a comfortable chair, and away from any distractions. When you feel ready, close your eyes and begin taking three or four deep […]