psychic abilityAre you aware that you can use your psychic ability to invite more money into your life? You can.

There are several methods for you to do this; you are about to know one of the most effective ways right now! And money isn’t the only wish you can fulfill when you use your psychic ability – you can make any other desire come true. But for now, you can start with bringing more money into your pockets.

  • You might assume that you first need to advance your psychic ability before you can achieve your goal of getting more money. This is not exactly the case. You can use your psychic ability, whatever its level is, and obtain what you want. Naturally, practicing often will result to better and faster results, but you can begin now to use your psychic ability and effect wanted changes to your life little by little.
  • For this method, you should have a glass jar – a jam or peanut butter jar should be okay. You should also have some coins. Then, follow this simple procedure:

1. Look for a quite place where you will not be disturbed. Have your glass jar and coins with you.

2. Sit down and place the items in front of you. Close your eyes and spend some time for deep breathing. This will clear your mind and relax your body.

3. When you feel ready to begin, open your eyes. Take the glass jar in both your hands. Close your eyes again and feel your hands warming the jar. Imagine your hands beginning to glow – this is your inner psychic ability working its power on the jar. The jar gains the energy that will multiply any amount of money it may contain. Keep holding the jar and visualizing until the jar glows in your mind too.

4. Slowly open your eyes when you sense that the jar has been fully charged. Set the jar down. Start dropping the coins into it. A few will do; you don’t need to fill the jar up right away. Then, feel the jar activated by your psychic ability, already working its magic. Know that it will multiply the amount of coins it will have and draw them all back to you.

5. Put the jar at any place in your home or work area where you will see it everyday. Place some coins in it as often as you can. Whenever you do, visualize each coin being empowered by your psychic ability. Continue doing this until the jar is full.

6. When the jar is full, know that all the coins contained in it are empowered to multiply. Start spending them – you can take some to get something from the vending machine, help out someone who needs change, or buy an item from the store. You do not need to spend everything in one go – just take from the jar as needed. For each time you take coins from it and spend them, visualize each empowered coin only temporarily leaving your possession to bring you back more of its kind. Know and trust that each of these coins will come back to you, multiplied.

7. When the jar is almost empty, start the process again of filling it up. You may also repeat the jar empowering process before you start dropping more coins again.

In time, you will see how your psychic ability is working to bring you more money. There is no need to keep track of how much you have saved in the jar and how much is returning to you – this is not a business that requires such computations. What you need to do is trust your psychic ability in drawing to you the money that you need.

By Tana Hoy