Dream InterpertationInspirational Dreams

Some dreams provide creative inspiration. Scientist Kekulé discovered the structure of the benzene ring after dreaming if a snake chasing its own tail, as well as sparking many works of art. When faced with a problem or tough decision we are often well advised to “sleep on it”.

If you are faced with a problem, or need some inspiration, just ask that such guidance be given in your dreams before falling asleep. Be sure to record whatever you can recall upon waking and be prepared to interpret it in the light of the guidelines, which follow.

Spiritual Dreams

Spiritual dreams are those dreams that reach not into the depths of our personal subconscious, but which transcend physical reality and touch the realm of Spirit. While sleeping the barriers and inhibitions of the conscious mind is lowered, thus allowing us to be more receptive to psychic and Spiritual reality.

Some, but not all, dreams are Spiritually significant. Such dreams may impart information that couldn’t be obtained by physical means. They may involve communication with loved ones who have passed over, or with your Spirit guide(s).

Spiritual dreams usually appear extra vivid, but they too will quickly escape in the cold light of day, so pay particular attention to the few outstanding dreams and record them, with your other dreams, upon waking. Make a note by any dreams seeming especially clear, vivid, or memorable.

Precognitive Dreams

A particular kind of Spiritual dream is the precognitive dream, ie that which gives foreknowledge of the future.

Once you start recording dreams you may notice some events from your dreams actually happening in real life. These events don’t have to be plane crashes or natural disasters; they will usually be extremely mundane. For example a while ago I dreamt I was sitting in my armchair when I felt a fine spray of water coming over me. A few days later I was out and a very fine rain began. In the words of the saying it “broke my dream”.

This precognitive feature of dreams was noted and extensively documented by J W Dunne in the 1927 classic An Experiment With Time.

Lucid Dreaming

A lucid dream is one in which the dreamer is aware s/he is dreaming and is able to influence the course of the dream. In the language of learning a lucid dream is to a normal dream as a college seminar is to a lecture. In the latter we are passive recipients of information, in the former we are able to interact and control the knowledge delivered.

Like dream recall lucid dreaming is an acquired skill. To develop this ability gets into the habit of asking yourself “am I dreaming?” at various times throughout the day. Combine the question with a physical act like tapping your foot or blinking your eyes. Sooner or later you will ask yourself the question or perform the physical act when you are dreaming. Once you are aware you’re in a dream you can start to direct, as well as act in, your own private midnight movie…