Vibrational Frequency of Essential Oils

Everything is alive, connected and changing, yielding its own life force or ‘Chi’. This flow of energy can be quantified, typically measured in units called hertz. Named after Heinrich Hertz, a German physicist who experimentally proved the existence of electromagnetic waves, hertz (abbreviated Hz) can be defined as electrical energy transmitted as a series of cycles, equal to one cycle per second.

But how does this relate to vibrational frequency? Everything in nature vibrates. Vibration can be defined as ‘a periodic motion of the particles of an elastic body or medium in alternately opposite directions from the position of equilibrium when that equilibrium has been disturbed’. Put simply, your body and everything in the environment are made up of trillions of tiny molecules, all constantly cycling and moving, emitting a vibrational energy. As the cycle of energy vibrates at a more frequent rate, the vibrational frequency raises.

The vibrational frequency of essential oils are measured in megahertz (abbreviated MHz), which cycle at a rate much faster than electricity, equal to 1,000,000 cycles per second.

When someone says they wish to ‘raise their frequency’, this simple means that they wish to increase their vibrational frequency to such a level that allows them to reach a state of spiritual enlightenment. Diffusing or inhaling an essential oil with a high frequency may help raise your own vibrational frequency.

Rose essential oil vibrates at a rate of 320MHz. The highest measured frequency of any essential oil, rose emanates love, purity, and wholeness, connecting mind, body, and spirit. It is not surprising then that there is no greater power in the Universe than love: the feeling of love is the highest frequency any person is able to emit. So remember, when you use essential oils, regardless of their vibrational frequencies use them with an open heart filled with love.” 1

Fundamental Frequencies of People and Things

Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology developed equipment to measure the bio-frequency of humans and foods. And Bruce Tainio and Gary Young used this bio-frequency monitor to determine the relationship between frequency and disease. Some of the results of their studies are shown in the following table:

Healthy Human Brain 71-90 MHz
Healthy Human Body (overall) 62-68 MHz
When you have cold symptoms 58 MHz
When you have flu symptoms 57 MHz
When you have Candida infection 55 MHz
When you have Epstein Barr syndrome 52 MHz
When you have cancer 42 MHz
When you begin to die 25 MHz
Processed or Canned Foods 0 MHz
Fresh Produce (depending how fresh) 10-15 MHz
Dry Herbs 12-22 MHz
Fresh Herbs 20-27 MHz
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils 52-320 MHz

Note: Due to the sensitivity of the instruments, these results are not easily  duplicatable. What is important is the relativity of the numbers and the fact that the higher frequency of the essential oils can help raise the frequency of the human body to a more normal level.

Adapted from Reference Guide to Essential Oils by Connie & Alan Higley. The data published here was obtained by Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology, Cheny, Washiington. For more information visit and

Essential Oil Frequencies

Not all essential oils have the same vibrational frequency. Currently, the highest measured frequency of any pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils is 320MHz – equivalent to 320,000,000 cycles per second. The scale begins at zero; here, no energy is cycling and no signs of life are present. Frequencies can be separated into three ranges:


  1. Low Frequency Oils that support physical ailments.


  1. Mid Frequency Oils that promote emotional change.


  1. High Frequency Oils that encourage spiritual growth and realisation.
Rose 320MHz
Joy 189MHz
Helichrysum 181MHz
Frankincense 147MHz
Ravensara 134MHz
Lavender 118MHz
Blue Tansy 105MHz
Chamomile, German 105MHz
Melissa 102MHz
Juniper 98MHz
Citrus Fresh 91MHz
Angelica 85MHz
Peppermint 78MHz
Galbanum 56MHz
Basil 52MHz
Purification 45MHz

Note: Purple indicates single oil and Green indicates Young Living blend. Source: Reference Guide to Essential Oils and Healing Oils of the Bible.

Some frequency research

Another part of the study done by Bruce Taino and Gary Young measured the frequency fluctuations within the human body as different substances were introduced.

Initially, the frequency of each of two different individuals – the first a 26 year old male and the second a 24 year old male was measured at 66 MHz for both. The first individual held a cup of coffee (without drinking any) and his frequency dropped to 58 MHz in 3 seconds. He then removed the coffee and inhaled an aroma of essential oils. Within 21 seconds, his frequency had returned to 66MHz. The second individual took a sip of coffee and his frequency dropped to 52MHz in the same 3 seconds. However, no essential oils were used during the recovery time and it took 3 days for his frequency to return to the initial 66MHz.

Another very interesting result of this study was the influence that thoughts have on our frequency as well. Negative thoughts lowered the measured frequency by 12 MHz and positive thoughts raised the measured frequency by 10MHz. It was also found that prayer and meditation increased the measured frequency levels by 15 MHz.

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