How to read someone mindCan you read my mind? Reading one’s mind probably ranks among the highest in people’s list of powers that they would like to have, along with being invisible perhaps. Thus, many would like to know how to read someone’s mind. Having the power to read people’s mind is not an impossible dream or flight of fancy anymore.

Scientists have proven that is already possible and that human beings are in fact natural mind readers. They discovered the ability of the brain to read somebody else’s brain with a high-level experiment with a monkey.

Scientists Say Everyone Can Read Minds

The scientists discovered a cluster of cells in the brain, which they called ‘mirror neurons’, that mirror or reflect other people’s actions, emotions, and even sensations. Like the monkeys, human beings have mirror neurons, which are far more advanced or highly evolved.

  • These mirror neurons hold the key on how to read someone’s mind. They not so much as mirror, but anticipate what a person would do next after he or she does a certain gesture or action. For instance, if the baby reaches out for a feeding bottle, the person seeing it would automatically deduce that the baby would bring the bottle to his or her mouth and drink the milk from it. So, in effect, the neurons simulate anticipated action and consequently read minds.
  • These scientific findings however need more researches and experiments. Also, not all human beings have advanced levels of mirror neurons or do not know yet how to enhance such for mind reading. In the meantime, there are a number of techniques taught on how to read someone’s mind.
  • Eyes, considered to be mirrors of the soul, can be mirrors to people’s minds as well. Many experts cite that reading eyes is the first step to reading minds. When the pupils of someone’s eyes grow big, it means they are interested, excited or even aroused. Thus, you can use this as a gauge of their feelings by mentioning something and checking their pupils’ size. For instance, you can mention a person’s name to someone and you can tell if that person likes or is angry at the person whose name you mentioned.

Understanding Mind

In understanding how to read someone’s mind or trying to discern what he or she is thinking about, one should pay extra attention not only to the eyes, but to their overall facial expression, body language, spoken words, tone of their voice or manner of speaking. All of these give clues to their state of mind and emotions.

To be good at reading people’s minds, of course takes a lot of practice as well as self-introspection such as meditation. You should be attuned to yourself first before you can even think of reading other peoples thoughts. If you want to be an expert on how to read someone’s mind, you have to be more alert and sensitive to clues and signals coming from other people.

Experts warn though that mind reading has inaccuracy as well. It is not completely accurate because a person’s prejudices, biases, past experiences, and memories affect how they interpret or read peoples thoughts or emotions.