Looking for a Psychic Clairvoyant MediumsWhat’s the difference & how do I know which one to choose? There seems to be, and apparently always has been, much confusion over the definitions between clairvoyant, psychics and mediums. Many people don’t know the difference between all of these ‘names’ that those of us that work with spirit and energy are blessed with.

  • Psychic: A psychic is a person who is responsive to psychic forces. These people may be capable of extrasensory perception, telepathy and other extraordinary abilities.
  • Medium: A medium is a person through whom the spirits of the dead are said to be able to contact the living. These people may often be referred to as channelers since they act as a conduit for the spirits of the dead.
  • Combination: If a person is a psychic medium, than they should have qualities of both. Those who can allow the dead to speak through them, as well as communicate telepathically with others, are examples of psychic mediums.

1. Clairvoyance when mediums have the gift of seeing the spirit.
2. Clairaudience when mediums have the gift of hearing the spirit.
3. Clairsentience when a medium feels senses the presence and the thoughts of the spirit.

A medium is a psychic but not all psychics are mediums.

Mediums who has fine-tuned his or her extrasensory perception and can interface with the spirits in other dimensions. They are able to feel and or hear thoughts, voices or mental impressions from the spirit world. A medium is able to become completely receptive to the higher frequency or energies on which spirit people vibrate.These souls communicate telepathically through feelings and pictures. No words exist which can describe the intensity of this communication. This direct connection helps many people put closure to relationships, healing their hearts by knowing that our soul is eternal and our loved ones do indeed survive death.

A good clairvoyant will, and indeed should, validate things for you that have happened in the past and things that are happening in the present. If they don’t, how will you know or believe if what they are saying about the future holds any weight?

  • As a footnote to the ‘fortune telling’ side of things, from my own experience, I tend not to give too much future information, as I believe it is subject to change, even though things are generally mapped out for us, we still have free will and the ability to ‘change our fate’. For example, if I were to tell someone I can see they are going to meet a man abroad in two months time, it means that I can see that happening subject to the way they are leading their life at the present time. If they then go out and plan a holiday unexpectedly to try and make that happen, the chances are they won’t meet the person I saw for them because they have ‘changed their own fate’, by arranging a holiday. It may have been that they would have met them via a business trip abroad that they now won’t be on, because they are away from work, on holiday!! I hope you get my meaning?

It also might come into play from a psychic perspective as you may well feel something about the person you are reading directly. For example you might physically feel a quick pain in your arm if they have injured it recently. However, it might not be something physical that you feel, it can also be defined as an inner knowing, so just a feeling you get about something, like a gut feeling. You may just energetically feel or just know somehow that the person you are reading has a bad arm.

  • The simple version is that a medium is someone that ‘talks to dead people’!
    (Now the boy in the film Sixth Sense would be a clairvoyant/medium, because to quote him “I see dead people!”)
  • Is that a medium by another definition is the ‘channel’ by which information from spirit passes through or indeed is the channel through which any energy passes.

By this definition all of us indeed are mediums.

  • So someone that calls themselves a clairvoyant/medium, by rights, should be able to describe your loved ones from the spirit world and also to describe visually things around your home or family for example. It has been brought to my attention that there are a few ‘clairvoyant/mediums’ out there, that aren’t in fact either of these! They may ‘read’ people, but they may be reading via their psychic or sentient ability and not actually ‘seeing’ anything at all, or indeed they may not be able to talk with your loved ones in spirit either. This doesn’t mean they aren’t good readers, it just means they might not be offering you the sort of reading you were really after. Never be afraid to ask your ‘reader’ how they work, they should always be more than happy to explain it to you. This way, you know what sort of reading you can expect.

Signs of Psychic Ability:

1. The telephone rings and you know who it is.

2. You know what someone is about to say to you before they say the words.

3. You get a hunch or knowing about something and it turns out to be correct.

4. You get a sudden urge to go somewhere or do something, and when you do that thing, and it turns out to be the right thing that you should have done. And you are pleased.

5. You get a sudden urge to go somewhere or do something, and you ignore it or don’t do it, and it turns out that you should have. And you regret it.

6. You can understand someone’s true inner feelings even though on the outside they are hiding them.

7. You have a feeling that there is a presence or that someone or something behind the scene is helping you.

8. When something happens in your life, either good or not so good, and you suddenly understand a higher purpose behind it.

9. You sometimes hear a soft inner voice tipping you off about things happening in your life or in the life of someone else.

  • A true psychic goes through years of training and initiation, which develops spiritual, moral, ethical values and responsibilities. This is not a formalized educational process that someone can teach you, but an individualized growth process that is different for every individual. This period of development is ongoing throughout the lifetime of the individual.