connecting with the other sideCommunicating to loved ones on the other side is very simple and not as complicated and frightening as everyone makes it out to be. Your loved one just wants to come through for you to know that they are still with you. They are just in another form in different dimension. Love never dies; You would feel their presence with you guiding you. They are no fancy steps for that communication to take place, you can talk to them just like when they were alive and how they respond is through your thoughts and feelings. Losing a loved one can be heart wrenching, the lost opportunity to ask the questions which have plagued your mind, the chance to say goodbye or even just to get guidance from those you have lost.

  • Sure a third person like a “medium” can be the channeler between the two worlds like a telephone line yet if you listen and be open to that world , connection will take place. It can’t be forced who comes through it will be known who it is by the familiar thoughts, emotions, images that come through. Be open to receive!
  • Death separates us from the physical closeness of our family members and loved ones. It is only natural that we grieve for the loss of the human companionship and interactions we had with our friends and family, including beloved pets when they were living with us in the physical form. We can no longer reach out and touch them or pick up the phone and talk to them. We experience heartache being separate from their physical beings, no longer given the opportunity to give hugs, touch their faces or hear their laughter. With this came great debates about what happens after death to the soul. In most cases your loved one has visited you without your awareness.
  • Many of us are natural mediums, born with the ability to connect with on the other side, perhaps a result of work we have done in previous lifetimes… I can’t say for sure why… why is anyone spirits gifted with any particular talent? The gift of medium ship though appears to be obvious to those on the other side…. as if all of the natural mediums on planet earth are lit up like radio beacons so any spirit who needs help can find them.
  • Understanding beings from the spirit world is to first realise that, just because someone has passed over doesn’t mean that they will automatically become an enlightened being. If they where rude and ignorant during their life in the physical world, then they will more than likely remain the same when they pass over to the spiritual dimensions. Likewise there are places in our own towns and cities that very few of us would visit on our own, or in the middle of the night. So it’s important to be discerning in whom it is you make contact with, and how you make that contact. Just as your intuition tells you to avoid certain people that you come into contact with in your daily life, the same applies when contacting people who have passed over. You do not have to tolerate rude ignorant people in the physical world and the same goes for beings from the spirit world. The secret is always asked for guidance and protection from the highest and the best. It’s also important when working with spirit to keep one’s self physically and mentally healthy as this helps build a strong vibrant auric field which is essential in making contact with the higher beings of light.
  • Your spirit guides will make themselves known in a variety of subtle ways. Guides will always appear in whatever way makes you feel most comfortable.
  • The most common is through symbols, or touch on various parts of your body for example cobweb sensation brushing across ones face, or a tingle sensation in a particular part of the body. Some may present themselves as animals whilst others through sound colour, fragrance or taste. Some may appear as they once were in their physical life. Guides can be male or female and may or may not give their names.
  • Working with spirits means work. Spirit guides aren’t there for entertainment, or to impress people. Neither are they to act as a crutch or do everything for you, and it is important not to become too dependent on their advice. Your relationship with your spirit guide is a joint venture. Most advice comes with the option for change, to one’s lifestyle, patterns of relating, negative thinking/ behaviour. Like all deeply ingrained habits some are more difficult than others to shift. Working on oneself shifts negative believe patterns and helps raise ones vibrational frequency to a higher level that is more in line with ones true self and the divinity of God. Having said this, don’t’ feel that you can’t ask every day questions as well, your guides are there to help you no matter what you ask. So if you’re having problems with a co-worker or finding it difficult to decide on whether to attend a social invitation, ask for advice.
  • The most effective way, of contacting your spirit guide, in particular for beginners is through meditation. There is no secret to meditation; it is simply a process for slowing down mental activity and focusing one’s mind on a particular outcome. For example by focusing your attention on improving your health, wealth or creativity, will in time bring desired results. Making time for ourselves is not something we find easy in the hustle and bustle of modern living. Developing your psychic ability doesn’t require any special religious practice, high moral or saintly values. It’s a skill, and like any other skill it can be learnt, all it takes is perseverance and practice. So spending ten to fifteen minutes a day on stilling the mind is beneficial not just in terms of contacting your spirit guides, but for relaxation and getting in touch with that inner peace and calm that most of us have forgotten. The general idea is to make your meditation a special occasion, so find somewhere that’s quite and where you know you won’t be disturbed. Most psychics begin by lighting a candle or an incense stick, or if you prefer say a short prayer of gratitude and protection. Dim the lights and disconnect the phone.