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Pronunciation of Ashati

Both “A’s” in Ashati are pronounced like the first “A” in the word “archangel”. The accentuation is on the “sha” syllable.


Ashati is focused on emotional and mental healing, higher (also called “psychic”) senses development and spiritual ascension. It is a unique and revolutionary program that will put you on a fast-tracked healing and personal development journey, whilst providing teachings about the multi-dimensional human body and aura, and our multi-dimensional universe. These energies, and the changes created by the attunements and initiations of each level within the Ashati training, are different from Reiki and other energy healing modality. Ashati is indeed focused on “consciousness” and its emotions, thoughts, beliefs and higher senses, to lead to its development, expansion and reconnection to higher levels. The immense healing and manifestation abilities it provides initiates can be considered as a welcome side-effect of this enlightening spiritual ascension process.

Through a series of powerful energy attunements and initiations, deep and positive changes are made to the structure of the body’s main energy centres, or chakras.

will enable you to channel intense healing energies, remove blockages, perform psychic readings, energetically transform your own being on all levels, and much more. This process will most likely trigger the release of deep and stubborn repressed emotions, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, past-life traumas and ultimately bring you back to the source of who you truly are.

Each attunement triggers a 21-day deep healing and transformation period. During this time, repressed emotions, limiting beliefs and other obstacles to balance, wellbeing and happiness are likely to progressively come up to your conscious awareness to be released, naturally and easily. Although this process may influence your mood and energy level from time to time during those 21 days, it will lead to a deep and permanent clearing of energies that would otherwise continue to affect you for years, perhaps for the rest of your life.

The course content provides all the tools needed to understand these changes and develop many new skills and abilities. Whether it is for personal development or to train as a professional psychic, healer* or teacher, initiates all over the world have been amazed by the profound change they have observed in their own being and in their life.

*Ashati works alongside any other healing modality, especially mind therapy modalities (i.e. counselling, psychotherapy, coaching…), physical therapy (i.e. massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy…) and energy healing (reiki, pranic healing, acupuncture…). Ashati can also be very useful for, and effectively integrated into, any profession that deals with people or animals (i.e. management, training, veterinary medicine…).

The Ashati training is currently available in English and French. It is also being translated into other languages.

Attunements & Initiations

Attunements and initiations are the strength of this system. They work directly on the chakra and energy body (aura) system of a person, which, for example, controls their consciousness, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, health, balance and even their senses.

The attunements (Ashati 1, 2 & 3) offer access to specific healing energies, allowing initiates to channel these energies through their chakra system, their arms and out of their hands. This enables them to use their hands to bring these energies into specific centres and parts of the body and aura, for self-healing purposes or to heal others. These energies are very different to Reiki, although complementary, and they are unique to Ashati.

This healing method through attunements and the channelling of healing energies works directly on the energy levels to lift the origin of imbalances and conditions. For example, with the right energies and energetic changes, repressed emotions (emotional energies kept away from the chakra system to form “blobs” of stagnant energy, commonly called “blockages”) can naturally and easily come back to the chakra system.

and therefore to the conscious mind, to be released and transmuted. This process can sometimes take place in a few days, or even hours, when other methods of healing could take months of work, accessing those repressed emotions through the person’s own awareness, instead of the energetic structure that creates it.

The ascension initiations are the advanced levels that follow the Ashati initiations. These correspond to the revolutionary restructuring of the chakra and energy body system, directly affecting your consciousness, energy, senses and some abilities. These initiations are exclusive to this system and leading to the emergence of a new and energetically (or spiritually) ascended chakra and energy body structure.


Ashati was developed by Jerome Baudel between 2009 and 2012. He received extensive training in psychology, energy healing, meditation, spiritual healing, higher senses development and other related disciplines of personal development and spirituality.

The different levels of the Ashati training are directly based on a unique and comprehensive knowledge of the human body, aura, mind and our multi-dimensional universe. It is also based on the access to distinctive energies, channelled from various higher dimensions and higher dimensional beings.

Ashati is connected to the process of energetic ascension, which has been available to humanity since 2012, and which was an event prophesied by ancient civilisations.

The Ashati Organisation

Ashati is managed and regulated by the Ashati Organisation, based in Sydney, Australia. They provide the official training certificates directly to all Ashati initiates around the world.

They offer a teacher registration program to coordinate the teaching of Ashati, guaranteeing a quality standard and access to the latest version of all teaching material and manuals. This also provides a general code of conduct for practitioners and teachers, and it implements a pricing structure to ensure that the Ashati training, although unique and revolutionary in its content and results, remains affordable to most people.

Ashati Healing

A treatment consists of accessing and channelling the Ashati energies and using other techniques to facilitate healing on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), release blockages and clear unnecessary foreign energies (if required). A single session can initiate a deep healing process on various levels of your being, which will be completed over a few days. Most of the healing occurs on the subconscious level, as most of who we are exists outside our conscious awareness. However, some thoughts and emotions may need to be brought to your conscious mind.

Each treatment can remove additional layers of unnecessary, limiting or even damaging thoughts, emotions and other energies.

You will remain fully clothed while seated on a chair or lying on a massage table. The practitioner will place their hands over or on specific parts of your body and also work on your multi-dimensional aura. Most practitioners offer 30 minute and 60 minute appointments.

 Ashati Training

Each course includes an energy attunement, manual and certificate. Courses are available in person and over distance. Each course builds on the previous one. The whole program must therefore be done in the following order:

Ashati 1: This level focuses on mental and emotional healing on the Lower Mind level. It can trigger the release of deeply repressed emotions, limiting beliefs and the possible source of many types of anxiety or depression related issues.

The Ashati level 1 training is the first part of your healing and transformational path towards healing and spiritual ascension. It is an energy healing course designed to equip students with the required information, mental healing energies and easy techniques they need to start facilitating a metamorphosis of their mind, being and life.

As our mental energies (thought patterns, beliefs, etc.) manifest our lives and who we are, create and control our emotions and greatly impact our physical well-being, the Ashati 1 attunement, energies and the 21-day integration period that follow can facilitate healing and change on many levels. A deep emotional clearing will often occur.

This course provides a few different techniques to treat yourself and others. It also includes a short development section designed to help you expand your mind and awareness.

Ashati 2: This attunement is very strong and creates deep changes within the higher chakras and energy bodies of your body. It is also the minimum required qualification to become an Ashati practitioner.

The level 2 attunement is very different from level 1. Indeed, in addition to giving you access to much higher vibrational energies, it will permanently clear, increase and strengthen the connection between your Lower and your Higher Minds. On the energy level, this is represented as a stronger link between your brow (or third eye) and solar plexus chakras.

The higher energies this attunement gives you access to can facilitate deep healing and transformation within your Higher Mind (Soul level), your thought patterns, beliefs, higher senses (or psychic abilities), etc.

This connection between your body and your Soul can help you develop your higher mental abilities and your awareness of your subconscious Soul’s wisdom, emotions, intentions and beliefs, although this will often start as intuitive knowledge. Furthermore, this can further facilitate and speed up the identification and modification of negative or limiting beliefs. As beliefs determine what we perceive and what we manifest, modifying them can help you change your whole life or major aspects of it. A lot of past life and heart healing will also often take place.

Ashati 3: This level focuses on reconnecting to the Spirit and its level of consciousness, the Divine Mind. It is the Ashati Master-Teacher level, allowing you to officially pass on the teachings for and the attunements to Ashati 1, Ashati 2 and Ashati 3.

This third level activates the two higher chakras located just above the crown (outside the body), connects you to your Spirit through them and provides you with the energies, techniques and knowledge to become an Ashati Master. Working with these energies will enable you to perform much deeper and multidimensional healings, pass on the attunements to Ashati 1, 2 and 3 (registration as a teacher is required) and greatly develop your manifestation abilities.

The initiation will give you access to higher energies and will permanently clear, increase and strengthen the connection between your Higher Mind and The Divine Mind, your Spirit level of consciousness. On the energy level, this is represented as a stronger link between your third eye and your Higher Self within another and higher dimension. As a result, right after the attunement and the creation of the Divine Mind bridge, you should start to be able to consciously connect to your Spirit and this much higher dimension at will. This connection will often create a deeper sense of relaxation and awareness. From this altered state of consciousness, you will be able to more easily “step away” from your lower ego and lower levels of consciousness in order to much more effectively and accurately perform readings, energy and entity clearings and healings on all levels for yourself, others, animals, places, situations, etc.

The level 3 techniques are to be used in addition to the Ashati 1 and Ashati 2 energies and methods of healing and development. This level and its attunement will trigger major changes in your energy and will help you develop your mind and psychic potential even further.

Ashati attunement will naturally open up new levels within your own consciousness and therefore within your higher senses, or psychic abilities, which are a natural and very real aspect of the human body. This training will give you all the information and tools you need to identify, understand and develop these senses, and to then keep developing them to higher and higher levels.

 Trained by Founder Jerome Baudel:

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